Miri joined the BVB team from the outset. She is a talented and skilled worker of bespoke artisan leather goods. She chose her path of an arts based career early in her life at school in Yorkshire, confounding her parents expectation of her being a lawyer!

Her past work ranges from exquisite handmade leather handbags, equine products including saddles and bridle wear to developing protective riot equipment for the Metropolitan Police Horses, the latter being still in use today.

She has now traded in her love of horses for motorcycle touring and the occasional skiing trip with her son.

She is a master of leather work and works closely with the design team putting together our unique range of branded leather holdalls, bags and accessories.

Miri can also take on custom orders. If you have a specific colour or style in mind, please get in touch with us via contact@bvbpremium.co.uk and we will be able to assist you.