Our Premium range of leather jackets, bags and accessories showcase the best of British craftsmanship. Using only the finest materials carefully selected by our team, our creative new designs draw inspiration from the classic imagery of our motorcycle and aviation brand history.


As the new owners of the famous British aviation, motor racing and motorcycling brands showcased here we wanted to introduce a classic range of clothing that celebrated their history. From flying jackets to biker jackets we are introducing a collection that draws on the classic lines of the originals  but introduces a modern twist to them. This can be seen in the design, detailing, stitching and colour options. For instance our flying jackets do not have the traditional vertical seam running down the back. We choose larger hides so we can eliminate this to give a cleaner look.

Our jackets are unique in their design and colour choices. Where else could you purchase a beautiful green or pastel pink flying jacket? We offer a standard range of sizes from XS to XXXL. We offer our flying jackets in mens and ladies styles, the latter being more fitted into the waist with the addition of a leather belt.

We offer a logo embroidery option on any jacket as seen in the examples shown. You can choose from any of our brand names which can then be added to the back and or front. These are produced to the highest quality.

Uniquely we also offer a made to measure service. We will create a flying jacket for you personally to your individual arm and body length. Please contact us for more details on this service.


Being mindful & sustainability 

Our designs are made to last a life time, and be passed on to future generations. We create beautifully crafted pieces, which will forever stay an essential part of your wardrobe. Longevity plays a key role in our BVB mantra.

We consciously make sure all of our off cuts are kept in stock, so that we can use them for future projects, and minimise waste. 

All of our products are made in England, this is of great importance to us. As we are a heritage brand, and we believe in working closely with our manufacturers to produce an exquisite product.

In line with being mindful of our materials, we have also chosen to make sure we have recycled packaging. This is in line with our values of longevity. As our recyclable packaging can be re-purposed time and time again.